I realized, what I believe to be my purpose in life when I embarked on a fitness journey that would change the way I think, look, and feel for the rest of my life! A dear friend of mine implied I would do well in fitness competitions. I never had entertained competition. As I listened, I was thinking, "I would never ever want to do that!"


Eventually, I was intrigued and I gave in. I entered my first competition, I took first place and won my class, earning my Pro Card the following year. It was only then that I began to realize just how important a good nutrition and supplement plan is—along with a proper exercise program to maximize my health and make my body look and feel like never before.


I began to study relentlessly and I was completely engulfed into fitness and nutrition. I received a certificate from the International Sports and Science Association and shortly after started working as a Personal Trainer for the local Fitness Club. With my background in sports,  as an EMT,  and massage therapy, this was a natural fit! I worked as a corporate trainer and before long was managing fitness clubs with trainers working under my direction.


I was fortunate to spend time with a lot of fitness pros learning a lot from some of the best in the industry.  That inspired me to be the Fitness Coach I am today and gave me the desire to learn and get better every day! 


I realize your goals may not the same as mine. Whether you are trying to shed some unwanted pounds, looking to maintain, increase ability in a specific sport, or desire to do a competition, I am committed to giving you the best possible chance to succeed with staying power and patience to see it through.